Frequently Asked Questions

How is my account created for user portal?
When user installs chrome extension, the registration page comes up. Once this page is filled out and submitted, they would receive an email verification link. User clicks on the link in the email and verify the email. Once this process completes successfully, user account is created for user portal and temporary single use password is emailed to the user. User should change the password on first login. For Premium account users, account is activated once payment is made on the user portal.
Will there be any advertisements with free version?
No, there will not be any adverstisements.
How can I get help for any queries related to KYD?
Please email your queries to us at
Which browsers are supported for KYD extension?
KYD works with all the browsers that are based on Chromium engine i.e. Vivaldi, Brave, Chrome, Edge, Epic privacy browser, slimBrowser, Torch, Comodo Dragon, Iridium browser, SRWare Iron browser, Yandex browser, Cent browser.
Is my data shared with anyone outside the company?
No, our privacy policy is very strict and we do not share your data with anyone outside the company. For complete details, please read our privacy policy.
What data is collected from my system and for what purpose?
It stores your browsing history data for the purpose of building user reports which are available to the user. IP address is stored for enforcing 2-factor verification to prevent unauthorised access to your account.
How is the safety of KYD data ensured?
Your data is anonymised by encrypting the important data fields. Data is stored on KYD cloud and data at rest is encrypted. On the network (transfer), data is secured by Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.
Will I start getting marketing emails if I start using KYD?
Your email address is not shared with any third parties and you would not receive any marketing emails due to KYD registration. On the KYD registration page, there is an option to agree to receive promotional emails from KYD. If user agrees to receiving the promotional email on registration page, then only they would receive some emails from KYD.
What is user portal?
User portal is a website where KYD users will sign-in to look at their account details and the available reports.
What is the difference between Free and Premium versions?
Free version is available to all for unlimited time without paying anything and it provides less number of options on the extension and less number of reports on the user portal. Premium version is a paid version and it provides exhaustive reporting to the user and also the available options on extension are manifold.
Who should use KYD?
KYD is designed for use by individual users who connect their computers to the internet. Those users who are interested in prevention of stealing of their data and curious about their online behaviour should use this product.
Is it free for all?
Yes, it is absolutely free.
Does it protect my privacy?
Yes, basis your setting in the extension you can control how frequently data is purged from your browser so that it is not exposed/available for stealing.
Does it steal my data?
No, it does not steal any of your data. It does not have access to your data outside your browser. It collects only the browser history data as per your agreement when you install the extension.
How does it work?
It is like any other chrome extension that is designed for specific purpose of preventing the stealing of your data. It does so by cleaning up your browser data like cookies, passwords, form data, history etc. based on your settings in the extension.
Does it take my IP address?
Yes, your IP address is logged when your account is created for user portal. This is to ensure that 2-factor verification can be enforced in case of attempts to login to your account by anyone outside your country.
What all meta-data does it store for my reporting on user portal?
It stores only your browsing history data.
What is KYD?
KYD is a product for user privacy from ECMRMIG LLC. KYD (Keep Your Data) system is a combination of chrome extension that user installs in the browser and a user portal where users will get an account for details of the available reports.